Russia's war against Ukraine has been going on for 8 years in the east of the country. But 24th of February, a full-scale war knocked on to every Ukrainian home.
Russia has already killed thousands of Ukrainians and continues to kill. The aggressor forced millions of people to leave their homes to escape death. Many people remain near the war zone to this day. They didn`t evacuate for various reasons.
Some didn`t want to leave their home, some didn`t have the opportunity to leave, and some felt that they would be more useful there. These people are constantly hiding from russian missiles, bombings and shelling. They starve and live in underground shelters. "russian peace" took away relatives, housing and a peaceful life from hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. From the first day of the full-scale war, we have been helping peaceful Ukrainians, who remained near the war zone.
We help Ukrainian soldiers with everything they need to defend our country. We are also currently helping to restore housing that was destroyed by the russians.

Collection for equipment and warm clothes for the Ukrainian military is open!

Friends! We are constantly supporting our military and we are sure that this request is no exception!

The guys from 127 and 229 brigades are really need:

- Insulated white balaclavas - $6;

- Camouflage suits - $38;

- Tactical assault gloves $40;

- Goggles tactical protective masks for shooting $35;

- Thermal underwear and thermal socks $30.

$149 per person, 24 people in a brigade = $3576.


The weather is very cold now, especially when you are sitting in a trench in the snow and mud.

Every donated dollar increases Ukraine's chances of winning and protects those who are now risking their lives.

You can make a donation on our website ⤵️


People don`t have food, medicine and, mostly, water, light, gas in the areas where hostilities continue. Many Ukrainians lost home - only ruins remain. In fact, the residents of the frontline areas are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster now. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have been constantly supplying the civilian population with food, medicine, clothing, drinking water, and hygiene products.
We also help people, who have lost their homes. We find shelter for them and facilitate their rehabilitation after the horror they have experienced. Our goal: to help people renovate their homes so that people can return to their homes faster.
According to preliminary estimates, the russians destroyed or damaged 120,000 residential buildings. 3.5 million Ukrainians lost their homes. And these are only official statistics. Unfortunately, we still don`t know the situation on the occupied territories.
30,000 high-rise buildings and more than 27,000 mansions must be rebuilt. Almost 60,000 buildings are suitable for reconstruction.
However, for now, the state is working on the reconstruction algorithm. We have already started restoring the homes of Ukrainians where possible. We help with our own efforts and funds collected from different parts of the world. But this is only the beginning. Ahead of us is a long period of rebuilding Ukraine from the ruins.
We became the rear for Ukrainian soldiers from the first day of the war. Ukrainians united all their efforts so that the Ukrainian defenders wouldn`t feel the lack of something. But it is becoming increasingly difficult for volunteers to help now. Meanwhile, the fierce war is still going on on the east of Ukraine. Thousands of soldiers risk their lives and health to stop Russian aggression and for millions of Ukrainians have the opportunity to live happily.
Every day we receive hundreds of applications from front-line servicemen. They need uniforms, spare parts for cars, hygiene products and devices for arranging life in field conditions. We strive to provide the Ukrainian military with everything they need.
After all, they perform heroic deeds for the sake of future generations living in a free, prosperous, happy country every day.
Each of us can help Ukraine.

You can contribute with a donation or volunteering

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